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Five Benefits of Microservices

Microservices is growing as a buzzword for software developers, especially among those working with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and those that run in the cloud. Though understanding and adoption of this approach to development have increased in the tech community over time, business users are still largely unaware of its benefits.

At its core, the approach is fairly simple: applications that serve a single purpose, eliminating complex, monolithic software. Traditionally, large software projects have started with addressing a few needs, adding code in later phases to address emerging requirements. This creates bulky monoliths with little or no chance of reusability. Microservices separate these requirements, allowing development teams to address needs through an orchestrated suite of services.

This separation of responsibilities brings multiple business benefits:

Improved application stability
When services are de-linked, troubleshooting becomes easier, faster and most importantly less common. The whole stability of a system using complex processes improves.

Reduced go-to-market time
In a competitive environment, faster launches are vital for success. Microservices reduce the time requirements for testing, troubleshooting and therefore shorten launch time considerably.

Improved Scalability
With smaller, more specific applications, software can be scaled up (or down) easily without having to consider disruptions to other services.

Greater developer flexibility
Apps can be built separately, with different parts being developed in different languages. It allows for a diverse environment.

Greater team flexibility
When designed and executed well, microservices can bring efficiency to the development process for a more agile company. Teams and individual team members can develop specific applications separately for greater flexibility and independence.

Could your development team benefit from microservices? Reliable can provide tools, counsel and so much more, to help you take advantage of all of these benefits within your organization. Contact us today to learn more.


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