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Reliable Software Tech Talk: An Introduction to Web Services

Web services are used to analyze digital communications, giving users a quick and easy method of connecting machines over a network. Web services rely on HTTP for communication and to transform machine-readable file formats - such as XML and JSON – to allow applications running on different platforms to exchange data over the Internet.

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Reliable Software Tech Talk: An Introduction to Tableau

There are several business intelligence tools on the market used to analyze and visualize data, but Tableau has emerged as a leader in the field. Giving users quick and easy access to analytics, the software connects to flat files, relational databases and big data sources to process data and distribute insights through interactive, sharable dashboards.

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Reliable Software Tech Talk: What is DevOps?

There are a lot of questions application development and operations teams ask themselves on a daily basis. From “how can we release on time?” to “how can we add new features into the release seamlessly?” Luckily, the same simple answer can apply to each of these: Embrace DevOps.

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Reliable Software Tech Talk on Modern Analytics and Data Warehouse Architecture

Modern Analytics concerns the merger of analysis methodology and data interpretation using technology and techniques. It is used to handle the challenges faced by data analytics and ultimately make it more agile and accessible to anyone. A modern analytics environment is characterized by ease in deployment and management and is essentially cloud friendly. Whether it is structured or unstructured[…]

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Reliable Software Tech Talk on Software Life cycle Model

Software Lifecycle Model talks about the various phases of software lifecycle and the order in which the phases are to be executed. Each company can choose its own software lifecycle model, but truth is requirement gathering, elicitation analysis, solution and validation is common for all the models. There are several types of software lifecycle models with each having their own set of advantage[…]

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