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Digital Innovation in Hospitals – Four Big Tech Predictions

Let’s face it, hospitals are getting smarter. They are placing a priority on big data and therefore big tech in order to get faster and to improve patient care. In fact, Frost & Sullivan predicts that they will spend more than $5 billion on each cloud computing, data analytics and remote patient monitoring by 2025.

What does the future have to hold ? These are our top four predictions.

  1. Cloud computing. Hospitals will continue to transition valuable data to the cloud, allowing healthcare staff to easily access information about the organization itself as well as the patients.
  2. Data analytics. With hospitals having the rich information they do, analytics unlocks countless opportunities. Analytics generate great insight for innovative solutions for operations, patient care and more. Hospitals will continue to ramp up their analytics game year-over-year.
  3. Patient monitoring. Because patients can’t stay in the hospital forever, technology that allows patients to connect with teams/healthcare experts once they’re back at home, reduces recovery time. Things like telehealth will allow patients to stay in touch with the care
  4. Wireless sensor technology. Technology, like wireless sensors, is taking off, helping hospitals cut the cord and implement more wearable technology to more accurately capture and record patient vitals and more.

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