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Top Three Technologies Supporting Digital Transformation in Healthcare

From wearables to electronic health records, the healthcare industry is in the midst of a digital transformation to help improve patient care and organizations’ bottom lines. With this transformation comes a wealth of available data, but the big question is how to leverage this information to bring value to patients and efficiency to organizations. Here are three of the technologies that will have the greatest impact on digital transformation within the healthcare industry:

  • Electronic Health Records - Most healthcare systems have invested heavily in electronic health record (EHR) systems in the past several years, and are now facing the challenge of using of the data from these systems to maximize the returns on those investments. EHRs serve as the basis for digital transformation in the healthcare industry, providing a single source of data for each patient, and allowing for open, consistent communication between medical professionals.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) - The IoT will play a vital role in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Through connected devices like wearables and fitness trackers, consumers and medical professionals can view real-time health data to help improve patient care and communication.
  • Telehealth - Whether through remote patient monitoring systems to track symptoms and test results, or direct video communications between patients and doctors, telehealth is bringing the medical experience online and improving efficiency, communication and patient satisfaction.

These technologies will help drive companies to the next stage of personalized patient care, ultimately leading to better outcomes, increased revenue, reduced costs and more timely care. Contact us today to take the next step towards digital transformation.


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