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Business Intelligence trends that will shape your company’s Future

This is 2017 and the business intelligence trends will play a vital role in shaping the future of a company. Cloud computing is dominating the sphere of computer industry and Big data is also not far behind. For this reason the business intelligence analysts are taking the help of new age tools. However the ever expanding field of big data is continuously throwing challenge at the business intelligence domain. Some researches show the growth to be about 15%. As a result the business intelligence professionals are implementing innovative and novel tool with much more capabilities.

Some steps to be taken keeping the future in mind

Cloud computing is the ultimate thing replacing premises oriented computing. Cloud computing is nothing but storing data in internet instead of storing it in the hard drive of the computer. This trend is actually more safe as the cloud providers take much care of the cyber security than one having private premise for storage. It is seen that small and medium business have flourished by using cloud computing. Another advantage of this is availability. One can access the data anytime anywhere without being near the computer. You only have to have a internet connection. This helps the workforce from working from any place.

Machine learning is another aspect of business intelligence. By this, it is meant yhat the computer will learn by itself without being programmed by humans. For this the computer has to be designed in that manner with the help of artificial intelligence. This trend generates high revenue, saves time and helps in managing huge amount of data.

“Digital Mesh” is a key trend of business intelligence. The network of people, machine, contents and services make up this digital mesh. The gradual disappearance of the line separating the virtual and real world , is the result of this process. The digital and physical world is bonding together to work in a harmony. The way to succeed as accompany the maximum utilisation of this mesh is necessary.

Collaboration is another factor influencing business intelligence. The more one can spread his arms the merrier. Many brains come together with their ideas without being physically present face to face. It is the merging of various ideas that will help the industry to flourish.

Security is the next important thing. With data being available to any and everybody, the breach in security ought to occur. So the industry has to spend huge amount in securing the data from being misused.

Last but not the least, the acute shortage of data scientist is foreseen. The many tech-schools all over the world are not well equipped to produce market ready business intelligence professionals. Some may say that machines have to be made in such a way that they are self- sufficient and independent, however to create such machine we need a lot of more intelligent people.


Many researches show that business intelligence is a growing market and the analysts play a pivotal role in shaping the industry. The above discussed points also throw alight upon the way one should proceed tobuild a bright future for one’s company.


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