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Health catalyst unleashes DOS make data use more effective

Healthcare trails along in adoption of Big Data Analytics

According to a telling McKinsey report, the Healthcare industry lags behind most others when it comes to adoption of data analytics. Healthcare providers are gearing up to rectify this anomaly. It is widely accepted in this industry now that the next level of breakthrough can only come from Big Data analytics.

D with the continuous data streams of patients, deriving insights at individual and collective level is only possible if there is a robust analytics system powering it. Health Catalyst is one of the companies working at the cutting edge of healthcare analytics.

Health Catalyst DOS launched 

To deal with existing large amounts of patient data, expected continuous data streams and a constant data exchange between healthcare providers, insurers and patients is a huge challenge.

Health Catalyst DOS is designed to bring together data warehousing and health data exchanges on the same technology platform. It is built using microservices architecture that means that it is aligned to the objectives of healthcare providers. This will enable reuse of modules for further development and extension across the industry, be it recycling of clinical logic or business reasoning.  It brought the best of open source technologies. This will address the diverse needs of the healthcare industry.

Key features of Health Catalyst DOS

  • Bringing together structured data as well as non-structured data possible on the same platform
  • Machine learning
  • High degree of customizability across various healthcare areas
  • Can integrate itself with different workflow systems
  • Easy use for third party app development
  • Easy Employee Health Record repository
  • Platform independent data acceptance

These features will no doubt make it the new favourite among healthcare application developers.


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