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Middle East and Africa Healthcare Analytics Market is poised to touch $0.945 Bn by 2020

A Glimpse of Healthcare Data Analytics Market

The Healthcare Analytics Market is booming with great future prospects. Let us see what it is all about. The analysis of data collected from the various segments of healthcare, like claims and cost, patient reaction and sentiment, research and development, patient's medical history, purchase of medicine etc. comprise the Data Analytics Market. It is a blooming field with the prediction of expansion up to about 18 %. The analytics industry mainly emphasis on clinical, financial, supply chain, fraud and HR backgrounds. Middle East and Africa are flourishing market for Healthcare Data Analytics with the predicted growth to touch about $0.945 bn by 2020. The data in healthcare analytics is collected from different sources based on evidence. Then it is analysed to put forward certain trends which will improve the medical profession by intervening in the dedicated areas.

Growth Factor

With the progress in technology, the information and technology sector has slowly crept into the medical field. This has helped to jot down the various statistical and chronological data and analyse them. This has resulted in producing a network of the trends and patterns of the medical field. The outcome is the development of a very improved and sophisticated approach in the practice of medicine. Further, this Healthcare Analytics has paved the way to a cost effective procedure in the medical profession. Healthcare Analytics can also show the future trends in patient's medical history. Thus improving the quality of treatment process and the securing the chances of recovery. As a result , the business aspect of the medical profession should also gain favourable grounds. The cases of readmissions should also reduce. The quality of patient care would improve , while the cost will come down. However, there are some factors which may hinder the growth factor. These include lack of skilled labour, lapses in security, obstacles in collecting data at the source. The network may be hampered by international relationship regarding political and religious barriers.


The Healthcare Analytics Market in the Middle East and Africa comprises of only about 4.6% of the market. The market is based on different categories like type, regions , users etc. The categories may include prescriptions, descriptions, retrospections. The role of the medicine practitioners, private healthcare providers, health insurance companies, clinical agencies is pivottal. This field is highly competitive with various players like financial analytics, monitoring agencies , public and private healthcare providers enacting vital roles.


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